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  • Ten Great Albums of 2016

    Ten Great Albums of 2016

    I love albums. I like sitting down to listen to the recording project of an artist. Every year I like to look back and remember what albums I enjoyed the most. Here is my top ten list of the albums I enjoyed most in 2016.

    This list includes only music that (a) I own, (b) was released in 2016.

    Albums #1-5

    (From Left to Right)

    Bazan - "Blanco"

    "I wish I made this album. The sounds. The lyrics. The mood. Everytime I hear these songs I get drawn into deep thought and reflection. It's the gem of 2016 IMHO." // BUY IT 

    Michael Kiwanuke - "Love & Hate"

    "This album sounds as good as any that precede it. Kiwanuke is Ugandan born and resides in London. He sounds like a cross between Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye in 2016. Impossible. True." // BUY IT

    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Skeleton Tree"

    "Nick Cave's teenage son (one brother of a twin) died the year before recording this. I have every Nick Cave album but this one is different than all that precede it. I have only listened to it twice. My head goes to deep places when listening. Poetic. Powerful. Precious." // BUY IT

    Charles Bradley - "Changes"

    "Classify this as classic soul but recorded in 2016. Charles Bradley is the real deal. The band sounds amazing. My kids loved this album. We often drove around blasting this and singing along. . . and in the right places screaming." // BUY IT

    Radiohead - "A Moon Shaped Pool"

    "The band that keeps sounding cooler than yours. As long as Radiohead exists they will make great albums. It's a proven fact. This is another proof text in sound." // BUY IT

    Albums #6-10

    (From Left to Right)

    Moby - "Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep."

    "Moby quietly released this album for free this past year online. It is my go-to record when needing to read / write with a background soundtrack that moves me forward without being too distracting. If I need to concentrate - this is my secret audio weapon." // BUY IT

    Johnnie Freirson - "Have You Been Good To Yourself" (Reissue)

    "As described by the label Light In The Attic, 'these ultra-rare home recordings draw from Johnnie’s religious upbringing and his history in the music business, which was interrupted in 1970 when he was sent to fight in Vietnam.' I found these intoxicating in their simplicity and frankness.  This is the good news for the ears." // BUY IT

    Kings of Leon - "Walls"

    "Put this in the car. Crank it up. Everyone sings along. Those with air guitars and invisible drum sticks move their hands." // BUY IT

    Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - "Stranger Things, Vol. 1" soundtrack

    "The popular Netflix show is nostalgia served piping hot. We all remember the movies that fed our 80's childhood. These modern soft-synths and drum machines make us pine for more. Who knew we missed Vangelis so much??This soundtrack is a favorite of my preteen.// BUY IT

    Dylan LeBlanc - "Cautionary Tale"

    "The state of Alabama has a rich history releasing great music. This young singer / songwriter was new to me but my friends from the Shoals say he's legit. I believe." // BUY IT

    What was your favorite album? What did you play over and over? Comment below.