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  • Show Mercy, Share Songs

    Show Mercy, Share Songs

    In April I have a really exciting chance to share the world with my daughter. As her dad I want to give her more than a good life. I want her to know the meaning of life. I desire to help instill in her a heart for people and to see the importance of her own self. I can think of few things that do all of that like going with me on a missions trip to Africa.

    A couple years ago I went on a team to Uganda and was introduced to Show Mercy International. It was an incredible trip. SMI’s work in Uganda provides support for orphaned and abandoned children. They also provide practical assistance to the extreme poor through village outreaches, providing fresh water wells, medical care and training classes. With a succinct mission to mobilize, inspire and empower individuals to live life on purpose while reaching out in love, SMI is an organization that captured my attention. The work they do there is worthy of my time, effort and assistance.

    I’m going back to Uganda to help serve Show Mercy. I’m leading an international team of Welton Academy students with a focus on teaching the staff, as well as Ugandan leaders and pastors, the depths of the New Covenant. The trip will be about ten days long. The fruit of our work there will be long-term. I return to fan the flames of love in the hearts of those who work in Uganda in the day-to-day.

    So, I get to take my daughter with me. We are thrilled for this opportunity together. She sees my wife and I go on trips throughout the year and, by blood or by her own formation, she’s got the travel bug herself. She wants to see the world. She wants to go off the beaten path. The opportunity to fly with dad around the world and go into a foreign culture is just what she’s up for - and I can’t wait to share it with her.

    Lastly, I am offering a way to support our trip while sharing something back with you. At the very end of 2015 I released my solo album, Upon Shoulders. It’s an album that came out of my life message - putting my kids on my shoulders to live out of generational momentum. I’m releasing a digital download of an acoustic version of the album. You can download ten tracks (five songs, five spoken word intros about each song) and give me a ‘tip’. ‘Tips’ go towards our trip as we are still tying up loose ends for paying for this adventure.

    Blessings to you and yours,